Thursday, December 31, 2009


Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010.
Wishing everybody will have a better year!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I went to Queensbay Mall today and noticed a huge banner hanging in the mall.
Neway Karaoke is opening soon in Queensbay Mall Penang.
It's a good news for the people staying near this area.
Somemore, at least now there is a strong competitor to Red Box Karaoke coming in Penang.
We have more choices and it won't be monopolized by Red Box.
It's a pain for us staying this area to travel all the way down to Gurney with the sickening jam.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is what I heard from MYFM this morning.
Then I search from the Internet about this news.
Malaysia is no longer a safe zone.

Last year a friend of mine told me that her dad said in 1 or 2 decade the tectonic plate will slowly move toward to Malaysia.
And I think it is possible but never thought it happens so soon.

Mild Earthquake Detected In Kuala Pilah
By: Ramjit-->
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 30 (Bernama) -- A mild earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale occurred in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan early this morning.The Malaysian Meteorological Department in a statement said the quake occurred at 12.15am and the epicentre was at 22km east of Seremban.However, the department said, no tremors were felt as a result of the quake.



光明日報 ‧2009.11.30

Sunday, November 29, 2009

AH LAM DIARY (29/11/09)

I used to listen to Cantonese pop songs when I was small.
Ah Lam 日记 is one of my favourite Cantonese rap song.
Until today I'm unable to follow the lyrics and the speed.
My tounge is unable to move as fast as George Lam.
I found the MTV in Youtube which was shot in 1986.
Quite funny.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Good news for those Kim Chi lovers.
Korean Chef Kim Chi with its original taste is available for sale.
Price : RM 15.00 per box inclusive of delivery charges
Packaging : 900gm per box
Delivery area: KL, Selangor, Melaka, Johor-Yong Peng, Batu Pahat & Johor Bahru, Penang, Ipoh.
To order please contact:
012-415 5711 (Herman Lee)
012-340 1218 (Mr. Tan)
012-267 0260 (CN Choo)
For those who can read Chinese, you may visit this site (
to see the comments posted.
900gm Packaging



最新的送货行程:18日19日在怡保 20日开始在槟城、太平、大山脚、北海

Friday, October 2, 2009


We passed by Teluk Bayan Hawker Center this morning and saw somebody were tearing the hawker stalls.
Are they doing renovation or being demolished?
Suddenly I saw a few sign boards at the hawker center and their car parks showing that "Hak Milik Agama Islam", "Harta Pusaka of a Malay name".
What happen?
Anybody knows about it?
I have a few favourite food stalls there lerr....
Where they gone??

Saturday, September 26, 2009

TERRY FATOR (26/9/09)

To me Terry Fator is the best ventriloquist ever.
He is extremely talented in ventriloquial impersonations.

Terry Fator's Biography

It took ventriloquist, singer, comedian and celebrity impressionist Terry Fator 32 years to become an overnight sensation when he won the hearts of America and selected "America's Got Talent" 2007 (Season 2) $1 million dollar prize winner on NBC-TV. His key decision to blend those incredible skills with his amazing ability to mimic famous singers won over the judges and millions of fans who voted for him.

(Source: )

Enjoy a few video clips below

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Actually this day is nothing special but until in the evening I got a call from my MD telling me that I've closed an assignment.
It was a surprise to me.
I've been doing freelance recruitment agent since March 2009 and until September 2009 only I manage to close 1st assignment.
Furthermore, this assignment was a last minute job.
I got nothing for those assignments that I've spent more time.
Sometimes, it really depends on luck too.
At least a consolation for me after joining this job for 6 months.
Nothing is big but a small achievement.
A Happy Day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This incident happened this morning around 10:50am when everyone was concerntrating on their own work.
Suddenly we heard a big 'bang' sound from one of my colleague's place.
A soft board fell down from the ceiling in our office.
Then we rushed to KC's place to have a look.
Oh my god there was a brick fell down hitting the soft board and dropped down together.
Luckily KC shifted to the desk beside me today.
If not I just can't imagine what will happen to KC.
However, we still have a 'VICTIM' in this incident.

The soft board fell on KC's desk

Look at the brick was broken into pieces

Overview of KC's place

The broken ceiling


Thursday, July 23, 2009


Do you love to eat shark fin?

To what extent do you like shark fin if compare to this crazy 'b**ch'?

Somemore in front of a foreign tourist.

Damn mempersiasuehkan!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A STAR IN A PAPAYA (13/7/09)

Have you seen a STAR in a papaya?
I didn't aware of it until I see this when I cut a papaya 2 months ago and one again last few weeks.
As I know normally the internal shape of the papaya is round but this is in star shape.
Is it I'm too "katak di bawah tempurung" or what??

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WHAT AN AD! (9/7/09)

I've got an forwarded email from a friend of mine today.
It's an advertisement from Durex.
The content is simple and direct.

Monday, July 6, 2009


I was browsing some old news weeks ago.
Suddenly I saw this news.
This German Italian lady missed her flight which was the Airbus A330 Air France crash but end up died on the spot in an car accident 1 week later.
This reminds me the movie Final Destination.
You can never escape from death. It's FREAKY huh......

2009-06-11 15:18



WHAT A BORING WORKING DAY!!!!!!!!! (6/7/09)

I haven't been blogging for months but never stop reading friends' blog.
Today is my most boring working day at Bosch and I aspect more days would be this boring as our SAP project already Go-Live.
Want to know how boring I am?
I read one of my friend's blog Wei Wei - Tze Chee's blog from 13/6/09 back to 5/7/08 spending almost the whole day reading the blog and also the online newpapers.
Oh my God, I'm toooooo.......... free
It's just pity that Bosch doesn't allow us the online MSN and unable to blog only can read.
I would slowly go back for blogging at home.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Job Vacancy 24/3/09

1) Business Development Executive (KL)
2) Sales Engineer (Penang)


Saturday, March 21, 2009

PHOTOS (23/3/09)

It's quite some time I didn't update my blog.
I was not able to online for almost 2 weeks.
I'm alive again now.
This time I'm sharing some pictures taken recently.
Not with SLR but only with my Canon Digital IXUS 75.

My desk top plant

New blossom flower

Rainbows in the colourful sky (Yes there are 2 rainbows, anyone of you seen them?)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


As we probably know that most of the people around us know what is Facebook.
Are you a member of Facebook?
I am.
Errm... I login to Facebook everytime I go online.
Then am I addicted to it?
I've read through an article from Tara Stiles "Help! I'm Addicted to Facebook".
She has listed out 10 signs to see if you are addicted to Facebook.

10 warning signs that you may be addicted to Facebook

1. Facebook is your home page.
2. You update your status more than twice a day.
3. You have over 500 "friends" half of whom you've never actually met.
4. As soon as you step away from your computer you're on FB on your phone.
5. You are a FB stalker. You qualify as a FB stalker if you
a) click on someone's profile more than once a day even if they haven't messaged or tagged you in a photo.
b) have dragged and dropped more than 3 FB photos (not from your own profile)
c) actually go to a place mentioned on someone's page in hopes of seeing them in real life...creepy!
6. You change your profile picture more than a 12-year old girl.
7. You have checked your FB page while reading this article.
8. You clean up your "wall" so it looks like you spend less time on FB.
9. You are a member of more than 10 groups and respond to every event invitation "attending" even if you have no intention of going.
10. You change your relationship status just to mess with people.


So, are you addicted to Facebook??


Guess where did I take this picture.
a) Chinese Association
b) Temple
c) Restaurant
d) Theater
e) Furniture Shop

I will announce the answer 1 week later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

MOONSET 9/2/09

This picture was taken on Monday around 7:15am.
I was suprised when I saw such a nice view from my window.
The actual view was much much more nicer than this picture.

It's a pity I don't have any professional camera like Canon 40D.
Look at the picture below taken by my best buddy.
(Taken at different locations and time "moonset vs moonrise")
Big difference!
Good job buddy!!!!!!!!
To enjoy more nice shots by my buddy please visit

Sunday, February 1, 2009

BLOSSOM 花开富贵 1/2/09

Some of you may not know that I like planting.
We have a few plants at my balcony.

Has anybody seen a 'Fatt Choy" plant's flower before?
Today I discover another thing - The 'Fatt Choy' Plant's Flower.
This is my first time to see the flower of this plant.

The 'Fatt Choy' Plant

The 'Fatt Choy' Plant's Flower

I have other plants blossoming too.
'Ying Chun' Plant 迎春花

Chrysanthemum (Small Type) 小菊花

My Money Plant growing "luxuriantly"


Today when I woke up in the morning, as usual I'll open the main door and windows.
See below what I've discovered.
Oh my god, what happened??
Was it because of the weather or what???
Look at the gap between the tiles cracked and the wall.
The force was so strong and able to push at least 5 tiles out from the wall.
Now I start to imagine the strong force of the earthquake.
Never look down on our mother nature.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It has been taking a long time to upload these photos.
Maklumlah, not free to select these pictures out of hundreds of picture taken during the trip.

This is my first trip travelling with my in-law family.
Departed on 28/11/08 night after work, heading to my brother-in-law's place, Kuala Lumpur.
The departure was delay for at least 2 hours.
When we reached his place already 2:00am.

Day 1 & Day 2 - Melaka
This is my first time to A Famosa.
Excited and expecting a lot.
But sigh, very disappointed.

The Carnival Show at the Cow Boy Town was bringing in everything we watched from the Safari Animal Show.
They just like dumping everything in.
The only additional thing is the Red Indian Performance and most of us don't know what are they doing.
As for the parade, I think the same people came out for at least 4 times and with dull faces.
Oh my god....
Luckily we still have fireworks to watch after the Carnival Show.

Main Entrance of A Famosa

The Safari

The 'Donald Duck' Duck. One of the duck was so naughty, keeps on knocking its friend's head.

The Cow Boy Town

The Bungalo Lot that we stayed

The Melaka River "Venice of the East" - BEAUTIFUL!!!

(Please visit for more history of this river)

Below are the pictures taken from Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant (古城鸡饭粒).
Guess what?
My Astro 牛转乾坤庆团圆 was shot here.
The chicken rice is not as good as we thought, plus very expensive.
Maybe it was during holiday season.
Long queue......

Day 3 & Day 4 - Genting Highlands
Hmm.... nothing much to comment at Genting Highlands.
But the tempature has increased.
Those who close to me know that I can't stand cold weather.
But surprisingly, I opened the hotel window over night.

First World Hotel Entrance

Let's Rock n Roll

Me riding monorail, taken before the accident happened. Yup, there was an accident. One of the train was stucked on the track. Our train knocked the jammed train and another train knocked our train. Luckily the speed of this monorail was very slow, or else I won't be here already. Hahahaa...

Our final station was Bukit Tinggi
Very few visitors and no visitor during our visit to the Rabbit Farm.
Below are the pictures of Colmar Tropicale.