Saturday, March 21, 2009

PHOTOS (23/3/09)

It's quite some time I didn't update my blog.
I was not able to online for almost 2 weeks.
I'm alive again now.
This time I'm sharing some pictures taken recently.
Not with SLR but only with my Canon Digital IXUS 75.

My desk top plant

New blossom flower

Rainbows in the colourful sky (Yes there are 2 rainbows, anyone of you seen them?)


Mauricio said...

Hola,como estas?? bueno tĂș blog,dime esta ciudad cual es ??Saludos.

Angie said...

hi Mauricio,
thanks for dropping by.
i'm in Penang, Malaysia.
if you would like to know more about Penang, you may go to: