Monday, July 6, 2009

WHAT A BORING WORKING DAY!!!!!!!!! (6/7/09)

I haven't been blogging for months but never stop reading friends' blog.
Today is my most boring working day at Bosch and I aspect more days would be this boring as our SAP project already Go-Live.
Want to know how boring I am?
I read one of my friend's blog Wei Wei - Tze Chee's blog from 13/6/09 back to 5/7/08 spending almost the whole day reading the blog and also the online newpapers.
Oh my God, I'm toooooo.......... free
It's just pity that Bosch doesn't allow us the online MSN and unable to blog only can read.
I would slowly go back for blogging at home.


ec said...

haha, r u still attaching to the recruitment agency?

Angie said...

yes, but as a freelance