Tuesday, March 22, 2011


What is the solution come to your mind when you get to know your new born baby is having Jaundice?
I'm sure majority of the parents will send the baby to the hospital for phototherapy treatment.
But do you know you can have the phototherapy treatment at home?
I've chosen home phototherapy for my baby.
To me, I don't think I'll have good rest (during my confinement month) by staying together with my baby in the hospital.
That's why I went for 2nd option.
This home phototherapy treatment was recommend by a doctor.
There is a company which is renting the equipment for this treatment.
However, they won't rent the equipment to whose staying in the confinement centre.
It has to be at your home.
This is some kind of their rules & regulations.
I was so comfortable to be at home and at the same time looking at my baby having the treatment for 3 days.
Another thing is home phototherapy is much more cheaper than in the hospital.

Below is some information about Home Phototherapy.


Home phototherapy offers an option to treat your jaundiced baby in a loving, comfortable and secure environment of your own home. In the comfort of your own home, you can be close with your baby and your family. You are no longer separated from your baby during his/her early stage of life. Furthermore, you will be able to breastfeed your baby without interruption. Therefore, it will increase parents and baby bonding.


Safe & Effective
Our phototherapy lights have been designed to meet the safety and medical requirements. Having the light source from the bottom of the bed avoids the bright lights shinning on the baby's eyes.


Home phototherapy offers an affordable price to every level of community.



What is Jaundice?

It is a yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes due to excessive Bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced from the normal breakdown of red blood cells. Almost all babies have some Jaundice during the first few days of life. Jaundice usually appears around the second or third day of life. A Jaundiced baby's skin will usually appear yellow first on the face, followed by the chest and stomach, and finally, the legs. High levels of Bilirubin can cause brain damage (e.g. deafness and cerebral palsy).



How can I tell if my baby is Jaundiced?

The color of the skin and whites of the eyes will appear yellow under natural daylight. Jaundiced will usually see it in the face first and as the Bilirubin level increases, the Jaundice graduallymove down to the chest and abdomen. If the hands and feet are Jaundiced, the Jaundice is severe. The only accurate way to tell if a baby has severe Jaundice is to do a blood test to check the Bilirubin level.



How is Jaundice treated?

Mild Jaundice does not need any treatment and it will resolve on its own, usually within 2 weeks. If the Bilirubin level is high and rising quickly, it is treated by phototherapy. By exposing the baby to the special blue lights, the Bilirubin molecules will be able to be excreted easily. If the Jaundice is severe, a blood exchange with fresh blood may be required.


大部分的黄疸都不需要治疗。轻微的黄疸症一般会在两周内便消失。如果胆红素指标高并且逐渐上升, 主要的治疗为使用照光治疗(phototherapy) 。照光治疗时使用蓝光灯照射婴儿暴露出的皮肤,使到胆红素更容易排泄。如果有严重黄疸出现,换血治疗可以有效降低危险的高胆红素值。

(Source: NNJ Services Sdn Bhd brochure)