Thursday, August 5, 2010


This incident happened a few months back.
My parents received this slip from their letter box.
We were curious they supposed to send the item to our door step.
I asked my daddy if they went out that day, but they didn't.
They were at home the entire day not only that the entire week they didn't go out.
This means the personnel from Pos Malaysia did not perform their duty.
They just simply put the slip into the letter box and lazy to go upstairs to send us the item.
They assume we all went out for work or something.
Maybe based on their experience 80% of the recepients will not be at home during office hour weekdays.
Look at the slip, they didn't put the time they were here (my parents' home).
And this will trouble us to collect the item personally at Bayan Lepas Pos Office.
What kind of service they are providing?
This is not the right way.
I'm speechless......