Sunday, February 1, 2009

BLOSSOM 花开富贵 1/2/09

Some of you may not know that I like planting.
We have a few plants at my balcony.

Has anybody seen a 'Fatt Choy" plant's flower before?
Today I discover another thing - The 'Fatt Choy' Plant's Flower.
This is my first time to see the flower of this plant.

The 'Fatt Choy' Plant

The 'Fatt Choy' Plant's Flower

I have other plants blossoming too.
'Ying Chun' Plant 迎春花

Chrysanthemum (Small Type) 小菊花

My Money Plant growing "luxuriantly"


ec said...

nex time we exchange potted plant...I like planting as well.

prefer all leaves type

Angie said...

Sure :)

Robert said...

I used to have one at home. It`s nice.

Angie said...

Hi Robert,
Which plant are you referring?

Grace said...

Wei friend i like yr "ying chun" flower ooohhhh ! So beutiful

Bubbles said...

Check out my blog
and please become a follower.
lovin your blog:)

Angie said...

hi bubbles,
thanks for dropping by.
shall visit your blog too.