Thursday, October 28, 2010


To all parents or expectant parents,
Nowadays, doing survey for confinement centres is one of the crucial things in your planning to have babies.
Many mothers are going to confinement centres instead of hiring confinement ladies.
I'm sharing some information on confinement centre contacts, massage service and full moon gift set service here.
As I know I can't get the compilation of these contacts from the Internet.
Hopefully, this information does help in your searching.
You are always welcomed to add any comments (good or bad about any of the centres/services).
I'm aware that many mothers have visited my blog for title of "My Life at De Garden" when doing their searching for confinement centres in the net.
Therefore your opinions/comments might be useful for those viewers.
If you have any new contacts, you may share them here as well.

Confinement Centres & Homes

Memories Confinement Centre 家乐儿产后护理中心
Add: 75, Lintang Penawar 3,
11600 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 016-923 7266

Little Angels Confinement 小天使产后护理做月中心
Add: 21, Jalan Desiran Tanjung 4,
Tanjung Tokong
Tel: 04-899 2838 / 012-984 7660 / 012-509 7660

Jubilant Confinement Home 喜洋洋陪月屋 
Add: Sungai Bakap,
14200 Sungai Bakap, Penang.
Tel: 017-556 6436

E-Mother Confinement Center 
Add: No.1, Persiaran Kapal Singh 1,
Jelutong, Penang.
Tel: 012-461 1918

Carnation Confinement Center
Add: 5, Jalan Adams,
10450 Penang.
Tel: 012-450 1311

Happy Confinement Home 乐恩陪月中心
Add: 31, Lintang Sungai Ara 6,
Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas,
11900 Penang.
Tel: 016-205 6537 (Venus)

Mum's Best Confinement Centre 最好妈妈
Add : 27, Jln Sg Ara 6, 11900, Penang
Tel: 012-4640060 (Mrs Neoh)

Country Home Postnatal Retreat & Confinement House 产后休闲屋
Add : 36, Jalan Pantai Jerjak 17,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Tel: 04-657 4063 / 016-457 4063

JOYEE Confinement Center 祖儿陪月中心
Add : 23, Cangkat Minden,
Lorong 13, 11700 Gelugor
Tel: 04-656 6686
016-418 5620 (Alice)

Ai Xin Confinement Care Centre 爱心产后护理坐月子中心
Add : No. 1, Jalan Jelati,
Sunway Tunasjaya,
11960 Bayan Lepas,
Tel : 04-626 3699
016-453 8836

Happy Dolphin Confinement Home 快乐海豚月子之家
Add : No.7 Lorong Kolam Ikan 2,
11900 Bayan Lepas,
Tel : 016-553 3782 (Connie Mooi)

De Garden 圆园陪月中心
Add : 5U, Lorong Delima 3,
11600 Penang.
Tel : 04-658 7332
017-473 3997

E-Bell Confinement Sdn Bhd 育苗陪月中心
Add : 20, Solok Bell,
10350 Penang.
(Behind Tzu Chi, near Island Hospital)
Tel : 04-227 3823
012-423 1031

Elim Confinement Centre 家乐陪月中心
Add : No. 50, Jalan Sungai Ara Satu,
Sungai Ara, 11900 Bayan Lepas,
Tel : 04-642 8352
016-491 1778 (Lisa)

i Confinement Home
Add : No. 15, Lorong Slim,
Jelutong 11600,
Tel : 016- 466 8959 (Cheah Su Yin)
016-493 9509 (Cheah Su Yin)

Jia Yi Confinement Resources Sdn Bhd 家怡产妇坐月有限公司
Add : No. 26, Lorong Air Terjun,
10350 Penang.
Tel : 04-227 3333 (Hunting Line)
012-412 5555 (Irene)
016-442 4646 (Alice)
Fax : 04-226 6815
Email :

Sierra Home 喜悦の家
Add : 49, Halaman Bukit Gambier 9,
Sunway Bukit Gambier,
11700 Gelugor,
Tel : 012-430 8921
012-401 3932
016-433 6318
Email :

Sunrise Confinement Centre 朝阳陪月中心
Add : 2, Lintang Delima 4,
Island Glades, 11700 Gelugor,
Tel : 04-657 1289 / 012-447 2289 (LK Toh)

Wellcare Confinement Home 维康坐月中心
Add : 11A, Jalan Chee Seng 7,
Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Penang.
Tel : 04-890 5788
012-415 7688
012-422 2280
Email :

Add : 170, Pusat Perniagaan Raja Uda,
Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth.
Tel : 04-331 3333 (Riko Lim - Maternity Nurse)

Add : 4 & 8, Lorong Kurau 19,
Chai Leng Park,
13700 Penang.
Tel : 04-397 4019
012-423 3183

B Care Confinement 美乐家陪月中心
Add : 29, Jalan Perak,
10150 Georgetown,
Tel : 016-410 0450 (Jenny)
016-497 4417 (Zoey)

Confinement/Maternity Traditional Massage Service

Ancient Traditional Healing Massage Acedemy
Add: 13A, Mk. 16, Air Itam Road,
11500 Penang.
Tel : 04-828 8690
012-448 1022 (Selina Teh)

Emily Lim (012-474 8789)

Full Moon Gift Set Service

U-TON Full Moon Specialty Shop 优等弥月专店
Add : 15-G-21, Bayan Point,
Bukit Jambul,
11900 Penang.
Tel : 04-644 7989
04-644 7990
012-421 3383
012-433 5383
Email :

Eaton Kuih Centre Sdn Bhd 一等糕饼有限公司
Add : 110 or 139-M, Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim,
11600 Penang.
Tel : 04-657 7223
04-658 8097
04-282 8355
04-281 9355
Fax : 04-282 4969

Shiang Thian Cake Centre 香点蛋糕红龟中心
Add : 10, Lorong Cengal 6,
Taman Industri Cengal,
Bagan Lallang,
13400 Butterworth.
Tel : 04-323 1232
04-333 2169
012-480 9342
012-495 5519

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Thursday, August 5, 2010


This incident happened a few months back.
My parents received this slip from their letter box.
We were curious they supposed to send the item to our door step.
I asked my daddy if they went out that day, but they didn't.
They were at home the entire day not only that the entire week they didn't go out.
This means the personnel from Pos Malaysia did not perform their duty.
They just simply put the slip into the letter box and lazy to go upstairs to send us the item.
They assume we all went out for work or something.
Maybe based on their experience 80% of the recepients will not be at home during office hour weekdays.
Look at the slip, they didn't put the time they were here (my parents' home).
And this will trouble us to collect the item personally at Bayan Lepas Pos Office.
What kind of service they are providing?
This is not the right way.
I'm speechless......

Friday, July 9, 2010

MY TOY - BABY'S ROOM (9/7/2010)

This is my toy - Handicraft.
I bought 1 set of the DIY Shop which contains of all the material needed to build a room/shop (depending on your preference).
There are many types of room/shop i.e. Baby's Room (the one I've done), Flower Shop, Phamarcy Shop, Noodle Restaurant, Bakery, Rose Garden & etc.......).
Since this is the first time I'm doing, I've chosen the most simple one.
Shall buy a more complicated models soon.
It's time consuming to build it part by part but it's nice.

The Material

The Frame

The Toys

The Furniture

Baby Cot, Diaper, Milk Bottle & Books

The Painted Furniture

Overview 1

Focus 1

Focus 2 (Has to sew the flower lining on a cloth to be a mat)

Focus 3

Focus 4

Overview 2

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Little Cottage Online Shop

Dear friends,
Please feel free to visit my new launched online shop - Little Cottage.
Thank you!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SRJK (C) Kwang Hwa - 6M Class of 1990 20th Anniversary (1/5/2010)

It's 20th anniversary!!!
Gosh, time flies!!
We left our primary school for 20 years already.
1st May 2010, we were having our 20th Anniversary Gathering.
The organizer sets 1st May will be our gathering date every year.
So that people will have less excuses to be absent for the gathering (1st May - Labour Day).
We went back to our primary school to have a walk and refresh our lovely childhood stories in the school.
Our school has changed a lot.
There are 2 new huge buildings.
The old classrooms, library, hall, staff rooms have been demolished.
Left only our s0-called new building during our generation (standard 5 & 6 building).
Their new pupils' life have been upgraded.
They have at least 6 fans in a classroom and even fans in their toilets. (unbelievable huh...)
Below are some photos taken on that day.

SRJK (C) Kwang Hwa Logo

Our Old School Hall (has been demolished)

Our school backyard has been changed to a nice field.
Last time was just like an abandoned land with sand only.

Another view from our school backyard.

A view of the old building (last time was our new building) from backyard.
Ground floor is the canteen.

The space for us to line up last time (in front of the canteen) has been changed to a nice garden.

A few artistic arches in the garden.

Our 6M classroom. Our tables are still in used.
But the classroom has been converted to Bilik Kemahiran.

Another pictures of our tables.
Good quality of material can last more than 20 years.

The New School Hall

The school hall consists of 3 badminton courts whereby our old hall had only 1 court.
The shuttle cocks can always hit the ceiling due to the hall was too small.

An eye sore of the school.
This classroom is in the new building but look at the cleanliness.
What a shame for the pupils do not know how to take care of the school property.
Do you notice a small white board on your left.
The board is used for jotting down what & when is submission of the homework.
Serve as a reminder purpose.
Our very very old Cocoa Tree.
She is still there with good condition.

Another view of the old building.

Look at the canteen now.
Nicely renovated with colourful benches and good lighting system.
Last time we were using broken wooden benches.
Our picture taken at the canteen.

At the 2nd floor of the old building.
That floor used to be our standard 5 classrooms.

Our classroom 6M.
Last time we had 6 classes for each standard - M (Merah), K (Kuning), H (Hijau), U (Ungu), B (Biru), J (Jingga).
Now they have another 2 more - E (Emas) & P (Perak)

Our picture taken at 6U due to 6M classroom was locked.
Our friend here was complaining the duster was badly broken and said that he'll donate 1000 duster to the school.
Most probably an empty promise. *laugh*

The wooden rostrum has been replaced by a stainless steel one.

Our picture in front of the main building.

The guys at Eastin Hotel - Swez Brasserie

6M Classmates

Only 3 ladies of 6M attended the gathering.
Hopefully next year's gathering will have more participants!

Career Blog 14/5/2010

Dear friends, I've created a blog which posts job opportunities.
Please feel free to drop by or share with your friends.
Be the follower of this blog, so that any new job opportunities you'll be posted.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My TV is BACK!!! (6/4/2010)

My TV was out of order on the first day of Chinese New Year, 真是大吉利是!
Few days before, my DVD player was down.
What can I say, 鸿运当头.
We missed all the good programs during CNY, SIEN!!!!
1 month plus without a TV in our home.
Brought for repair mid of March and finally came back this week.
Now I know, life without a TV is fine for me.
But life without a PC (with Internet connection) then my life will be miserable. ^_^

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MY LIFE AT DE-GARDEN (11/1/10 - 7/2/10)

After the discharge from Pearl Maternity Hospital, I was sent to De-Garden Confinement Center for a 1-month stay. At first, I really got home sick although my hubby came to visit me & my baby everyday. Later on, I got used to it already.

My life at the confinement center was quite routine: eat, sleep and feed.
Chinese believes that a lady after delivery cannot take bath for at least 12 days.
We have people cook for us, do the laundry for us and taking care of our babies.
What else can we do at the center?

We have 5 meals per day:
8:30am Breakfast
11:30am Lunch
2:30pm Tea Break
5:30pm Dinner
8:30pm Supper

It's really hard to loose weight during the confinement month and also it's not advisable to be on diet on this particular month.
Chinese will eat a lot of herbs to recover the body and all the herbs are the heaty type.
My body was not used to the heaty herbs so my nose was bleeding a little bit.
This is so called 虚不受补.

This confinement center has wifi provided.
We can go online any time.
However, my hubby only brought me my notebook after 2 weeks.
His concern was I must spend my time to rest for the 1st 2 weeks as he knows that once I go online I'll be spending my time playing games.
He is right actually.
I understand his concern is for my own good.

Luckily I have nice room mates (Seok Foon & Sarah) to chat with, not that boring.
Not only that, I know new friends like Xuang Xuang, Yuet Kit, Josephine, Esther, Xiao Qi.
We had mama talk and stories sharing.
Miss the moment actually.

Another activity for the mothers is suntaning the babies (those who got Jaundice).
See the pictures below.

I'm sharing some pictures of my confinement center and you can see the environment of the center. Quite comfortable & clean.

My Room (3-Bedded Room)

Our Closets

1st Floor Living Room

1st Floor Living Room

2 Bedded Room

2 Bedded Room Closet

1st Floor Waiting Area (You can see the wireless router on the table)
1st Floor Walkway to Balcony

Baby Room

Baby's Changing Area

My Baby's Cradle (6A)