Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Baby 9/1/2010

This day is one of my important day in my life.
After 9 months of pregnancy finally I met my little girl this day.
I was bleeding on the 8/1/2010 around 11:30pm.
Then my hubby took me to the hospital as according to my gynae if I have any sign (bleeding, contraction pain or water bag burst) I need to go to the hospital.
At first was still OK, my mild pain started around 2:00am until 9:30am when the doctor decided to break my water bag to accelerate my delivery.
By then I started to suffer the serious contraction pain.
That was killing me, no kidding.
I can't get a word to explain the pain I was sufferring only the mothers will understand it.
I was sent to the labour room around 1:00pm.
Trying hard to push out the baby but unsuccessful due to no energy after sufferring the pain for more than 10 hours. Then the gynae helped to vacuum out my baby with my push effort.
And finally, my baby was delivered at 2:33pm.
What a big release!!!
My hubby was beside me all the time.
He was so hurt seeing me suffer like this.
I thank him for giving me the supports, love him very much!!!

Please meet my little one