Sunday, January 3, 2010


We were having steamboat lunch on the 2nd day of 2010.
Nothing special to celebrate but to try out the Kim Chi steamboat.
We invited a few friends to have the steamboat together.
Normally we'll have 2 types of soup base, chicken/vegetable soup or Tom Yam.
This time we put Kim Chi instead of Tom Yam.
We were having Korean Chef Kim Chi for the soup.
It was spicy enough for our taste bud.
You may also try Kim Chi steamboat during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner as the CNY is around the corner.
For those who would like to try out the Korean Chef Kim Chi, please do not hesitate to leave a message.

The food

Putting Kim Chi into the water

Kim Chi Soup Base

The guests

The steamboat with the food dumped in

Wanna try some??

Uncle Tan with Little Alfred

Let's Aunty & Uncle show little Alfred to show "Peace"

Happy Family


the Guy from Malaysia said...

haha, i can recognise two of them in the photos...

Angie said...

ya ya, ex-kwang hwa guys.

justnice said...

i want i want kim chi kekekke