Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ha.... it's year end again, time flies!!!
We (the old buddies: Ex-staffs) were having a year end gathering at 炫升steamboat house at Tanjung Tokong.
It was a great dinner filled with joy and laughters.
Although not all the members of the gang managed to attend, I hope they can feel the atmosphere by looking at the pictures posted.

Hey, our Mel-Mel can 装可爱(act cute) also

The best 'chee mooi' ever (They always stick together just like twins)

Sweet ladies

How lucky the guy was... surrounded by the leng lui's

Hmm.... what was so funny??

My 1st picture with this guy, although we already know each other for years.


Err... what are you girls up to??

Eiii.....I want to kepoh also

小团圆 (Small reunion) photo


JC said...

Hope this gathering will keep on going every year.
Really miss the old times together!! :(

Anonymous said...

still this post ar,
When gonna update new one?

Hexacool said...

The coming Friday gathering should be even so many special guests...too bad u not going to attend....