Monday, December 15, 2008


It is officially year end now and almost every shops are having sales.

You may see 30%, 50% or 70% off everywhere.
Buy this item get that item free.
Every shop, every store, every shopping mall are doing their year-end sales and everything is cheap right now.

Even a funeral parlour is joining in the fun.
Promotion period is from now until 31/12/08.
If you purchase an urn compartment, they will cremate you ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Hurry, die now and save $$$!!!


ec said...

buy and get the cremation package FOC. i think no due date for cremation.

Angie said...

hmm.... interested to reserve one??

SimpleGirl said...

damn funny friend....crazy these ppl....haha

Anonymous said...

excuse me, is this copy from

Angie said...

i'm not sure where is it from but i got this from an email sent by a fren of mine. i feel it is interesting to share. is there any problem?

Anonymous said...

because i found the same article in, maybe u can hv a look...exactly the same.