Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stainless Steel Rice Bowl 不锈钢饭碗? (6/10/08)

It's Monday again......
Everything is back to normal except the traffic lights in front of the Giant Hypermarket still in Raya mood.
It was out of order!!!
Terribly jammed even the police was on duty.
This caused me late to work this morning.

When stucked in a jam, the only entertainment is listening to the radio.
A segment from MyFM "Wang Gong Can Lan 王宫灿烂", the story was mentioning the government servants are having "Stainless Steel Rice Bowl 不锈钢饭碗" instead of "Iron Rice Bowl 铁饭碗".
The reason is even if they did anything wrong for instance poor service or making wrong decisions, they won't face any serious punishment.
The worst case will be only tranferring that particular person to another department or section.
Unfortunately, I was unable to finish listening the program.
Anybody knows who or which government body the DJs were mentioning?


Mr.Bonus said...

I tok u going to finish whole story...I am long time never listen to radio already. xD

Alfred said...

Download the complete one from

Kim Soon said...

In fact, this can apply to majority of goverment sector...

ec said...

my mum served goverment office for 34yrs.. yes THREE-YOUR!

She has got less job to handle in the last few years before getting retired at age 55.

She always sent for seminars, trips and etc. Reason was to give the new comers more job to polish themselves..hehehe.. and if no outside trip, my mum just did cross-stich, knitting, and those "laoyee" pass tiome job..