Friday, July 9, 2010

MY TOY - BABY'S ROOM (9/7/2010)

This is my toy - Handicraft.
I bought 1 set of the DIY Shop which contains of all the material needed to build a room/shop (depending on your preference).
There are many types of room/shop i.e. Baby's Room (the one I've done), Flower Shop, Phamarcy Shop, Noodle Restaurant, Bakery, Rose Garden & etc.......).
Since this is the first time I'm doing, I've chosen the most simple one.
Shall buy a more complicated models soon.
It's time consuming to build it part by part but it's nice.

The Material

The Frame

The Toys

The Furniture

Baby Cot, Diaper, Milk Bottle & Books

The Painted Furniture

Overview 1

Focus 1

Focus 2 (Has to sew the flower lining on a cloth to be a mat)

Focus 3

Focus 4

Overview 2

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Grace said...

So cute........