Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Xander Lee

LP Sew

YES, Xander Lee & LP Sew are wanted!!!!
A lot of you might like to know why, because they violate the dress code day rule!!!!!!
We were supposed to follow the dress code set by our lunch gang a week ago.
Dress code of the day was black top (shirt, T-shirt or blouse) with beige bottom (pants or skirt) as all of us have these 2 colours clothes then why not make a day special.
John and me sent out reminders a day before the Dress Code Day.
And see what happen, 2 persons didn't follow the rules.
The thing that made us pissed off was our friend - Xander Lee didn't follow the dress code but said this to my Buddy (John).... please visit this blog to see what was happening http://www.jcsector.com/ (Title: Tuesday Dress Code + Fantastic 4 + 2 Wanted).
Another blur lady (LP Sew) was wearing beige top with black bottom.
Meaning upside down la...
Both of them were boycott and not allowed to join the gang to lunch that day.
This is only one of the punishment.
The De Verdict is yet to be confirmed by the post mortem team.
Nobody tries nothing to break our lunch gang tie.
How dare you!!!

Ker Sing and me (The Leng Lui's)

John & Chin Teik (The Leng Chai's)

Here we have the Leng-Leng gang

Yup, this car was moving with the speed of 60km/h when this picture was taken.
Though the driver was able to smile so sweet to the camera.
Another skilled driver was born "CT Shoemaker".


John Chan said...

In order to drop the case, both criminals are required to belanja the Leng-Leng gang for lunch

Tan said...

Who set the black dress code rule???? Penta dress code is green green gang only....

soo said...

u all so free...

Angie said...

life is miserable nowadays
just to have some fun once a while....